Reducing electricity usage lowers costs in Ohio At Brewer-Garrett’s Green Apple Project, we believe that a great way to start saving energy is through a combination of system optimization and behavior change. By training people to think differently and adapt to real-world situations, we are able to facilitate lifelong interest in sustainable business practices.

The Green Apple Project provides resources that help organization leaders to see the human and environmental condition as one interconnected system.

Every Green Apple Project customer has an on-site Energy Coach who is responsible for overseeing the program initiatives on a day-to-day basis. The Energy Coach is to be the program leader on-site and is there to make sure that every step of the program is properly implemented. We provide everything that the coach needs to be successful. Having a strong on-site coach will lead to the greatest amount of energy savings for the customer.

We believe that there is a need to educate and promote a culture change towards sustainability in our schools. A great way to create that change is to begin with the students. We encourage integrating sustainability lessons into school curriculum and provide problem-based learning questions to help schools get started.

Custom solutions are developed for a wide variety of markets including K-12, Higher Education, Healthcare, Municipalities, and Commercial buildings.