About Us

Green Apple Project began as an environmental movement meant to bridge the gap between awareness and action in terms of energy savings. We teach schools, universities, and organizations the strategies they need to take ownership of their energy usage and change their behaviors to save energy, money, and resources.

Psychologist Stuart Oskamp, after a study of human behavior toward the environment, wrote, "The most serious long-term threat facing the world is the danger that human actions are producing irreversible harmful changes to the environmental conditions that support life on Earth. If this problem is not overcome, there may be no viable world for our descendants to inhabit."

We empower people to take action and change the world around them. Our energy reduction program leads to significant environmental, financial, and educational benefits.

In 2014, Green Apple Project was acquired by long-time partner, Brewer-Garrett, and now operates as a program within the Energy Services group. It is, and always has been, our goal to reduce energy consumption, positively impact our environment, and provide engaging educational resources.

Contact us to learn how we can help you to bridge the gap between awareness and action.

Green Apple Project Saves Energy and the Environment in Ohio