Recycled Clothing

Customize old clothes into wearable ways to save energy.

Students turn old clothes into new items that remind others to save energy.

  • Grade Level: 4-6
  • Subjects: Social Studies, Art


  • Appliqué a low energy light bulb onto a tee –shirt or baseball cap.
  • Graffiti stencil clothes with "switch off" slogans to remind people to turn off lights.
  • Use fabric paint or Sharpie markers to draw pictures of a clean earth on a pocket or other clothing.
  • Teach students how to mend holes, buttons, and other simple sewing tasks to preserve used clothing.
  • The class may hold a recycled clothing fashion show.


  • Keep it simple.
  • Use a clear message – very few carefully chosen words or symbols.
  • Tidy presentation – plan where you are going to put everything before you do anything (make a plan on a separate piece of paper).
  • There are many websites with designs to use as models.
  • The lesson could be divided into two sessions. Session 1 is to present a plan on a piece of paper. Session 2 is to recycle a piece of clothing to show how to recycle.
Posted in 4-6, Art, Social Studies.