Weekly Round Up

Show the amount of waste produced weekly by using disposable lunch / snack products.

  • Grade Level: K-3
  • Subjects: Science, Social Studies, Math


The students will collect and count the amount of food wrappers, bags, and containers they dispose of on a weekly basis. Then students will create a bar graph to represent the data to others. After the first week, the students will explore ways to cut down on the amount of trash they produce and may present ideas to other classes. The students will then create a short report to present their findings to their parents. Challenge the class to reduce their lunch and snack trash.


  • Use more eco-friendly wrappers such as unbleached, compostable wax paper baggies, or reusable stainless steel or plastic containers which are BPA free.
  • Encourage parents to buy snacks in bulk versus pre-packaged.
  • Encourage the use of stainless steel reusable bottles for their drinks.
  • Encourage the use of reusable lunch sacks (fabric, stainless steel, recyclable plastic).
  • Suggest making a worm composter for your classroom to compost the paper wrappers that are used.
  • Encourage home-made snacks versus pre-packaged.
Posted in K-3, Math, Science, Social Studies.